Helping You Regain Your Mobility

Welcome to Nutra2Go

The Nutra2Go system is designed to assist enteral feeding patients, who may find traditional enteral feeding backpacks constricting, with their mobility. Nutra2Go allows patients to begin normal day-to-day activities without being restricted to a bed or chair.

Traditionally, enteral feeding patients have a challenging time becoming mobile after surgery due to enteral feeding demands.  Feeding can take up to 12 hours depending on individual patients feeding schedule. 

Rich Johnson and his wife, Patricia, created the Nutra2Go system after he survived esophageal cancer in 2008. Mr. Johnson successfully received treatment that included chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, but following the treatment he could not eat normally and instead had to use a feeding device. The device supplied the required nutrition, but left Mr. Johnson virtually immobile and homebound.

If you are an enteral feeding patient or care giver for an enteral feeding patient that is currently restricted  from the demands from enteral feeding please feel free to contact Rich Johnson, Mobile Solution Internationals Senior Vice President, Patient Advocacy

A portion of proceeds from the sale of each Nutra2Go system will benefit the Walter J Scott Esophageal Cancer Foundation, created to honor the cancer surgeon who successfully directed Mr. Johnson’s treatment. 


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